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Jul 22, 2017
Hey, this IEM is very specific sounding, and is very source picky. Pairing it with my fiio e17k, its a great iem, but pairing it with my AK jr is where the magic comes in. Technicalities are excellent with details presented in a very natural manner.
Oh yes, burn in is required for this iem, the iem sounds off when you first hear it, a bit underwhelming, and you need to burn it to your preferred sound sig. White noise and a arithmetic sine burn in places more emphasis on the instruments, while pink noise and a logarithmatic sine burn in places more emphasis on a warm sound sig better for rock.
" If you listen to stuff like electronic music then i would go for pink noise. If you listen to a lot of vocals and instruments i would go for white noise" - zunehdrocks, Head-fi
Burn in files here
Jul 22, 2017
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