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Sep 27, 2016
Just got it today. My main IEM is Sennheiser IE80. This Primo 8 is my first BA. Very first impression was a negative surprise. Mainly because it came with 3.5mm tssr plug. When I used an adapter to plug into my tube amp, it did not sound right. I checked again if there was spare cable without mic(tsr) but there wasn't one. Disappointed. I would have preferred a no-mic cable. Anyway, the leather case felt very nice and smelt like real leather. Not sure if I will be using it. Since the connectivity to my amp was no good, I listened directly from my galaxy note 3. Coming from IE80, it felt like a chunk of music was lost and that was at the bass department. The highs were on the brighter side but my ears are getting used to bright ones and starting to appreciate so it was good but felt that I should not listen to adel until I burn it for 30 hours. While listening on it for an hour, I already can feel.the highs are taming down a bit. The mids and its details were surprising. Listening to 70s music like What a Wonderful world from an mp3, it still sounded very nice. The glurping(?) and grinding(?) of Armstrongs throat/vocal cord could be heard while he sang. It has details but was not analytical to me. Even a lousy mp3 file sounded pretty good. The bass was not really lacking as I started to listen to some jazz and edm songs. When it is there, it is really tight and strong. But coming from warmer sounding IEM it felt like something is missing. However, I am very happy with the sound and I am confident that I will like it even more tomorrow. I will be looking for a replacement cable so I can connect it to my MKIVSE. Those who received it, congrats!!! Those who.have yet to.receive it, be patient. You will be happy when you get it ;)
Clarification: The adapter I used initially was the $1 adapter from ebay and sound did not properly pass to Primo8. The adapter I found in the Primo8 box, although it looks almost identical, it did work correctly so I am currently listening it through my Little Dot MK4 SE and it is very good.
Sep 27, 2016
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