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Oct 1, 2016
My first impression of the Primo 8 (without burn-in) was that it was quite muddy (lower mids and mids were congested with poor separation and poor detail) with early roll off at the top losing micro detail. Didn't have issues with bass quantity at first and I did remark that after some burn-in that it did appear to become a little clearer and a little less rolled off (actual or psychological?). Later after much more tip rolling and more time with it, I think things improved a little, but my conclusion was still that it lacked extension at the top (too much roll off) and bottom (and quantity or not depending on source... see below), and in particular lacked detail and clarity (in comparison to circumaural headphones like the k7xx or HD 650 or cheaper IEMs like IEMs like the discontinued Brainwavz B2). I would note that the perception of the clarity and extension issues does decrease at higher listening volumes but for me it would be too high for general use. In the end, I was disappointed by the extension and clarity issues (deal breakers for me), but did find the mids and soundstage to be nice (for IEMs).
Regarding tips, the default tips did not work well for me and as others have said, tip rolling is necessary. The small/medium were too small/too deep insertion (my ears canals aren't symmetrical which makes this even worse) and the largest was too large (why is there 4 sets of it instead of 2 sets of 4 different sizes?) though it did offer less roll off, less congestion and better staging but less isolation than the smaller sizes. Trying other tips, my best results ended up being with the tips for the Brainwavz Blu-100 which seemed to counter the treble roll off and clarity a little at the cost of bass quantity and isolation, and some other tips intended for KZ iems which had better isolation and less loss of bass than the former. 
I also noticed that the Primo 8 is very sensitive to sourcing and would guess that source output impedance (i.e., higher is worse I suspect) can greatly affect the sound. It works fine with the FiiO X5ii (silent I think; but the inline volume control on the Primo 8 is incompatible) but with the m9XX there quite noticeable hiss. Other sources like my phone were ok, but some sources like my laptop or desktop's onboard audio and Nintendo 3ds work terribly with it: more treble roll off (perhaps comparatively) and emphasized (and perhaps muddy) bass/lower-mids. This wasn't noticeable problem with higher impedance headphones. Even using an old FiiO E17 acting as a simple buffer amp seemed to be sufficient to fix the problem. I would hazard to guess that the Primo 8's passive crossover doesn't play well with all sources and would be curious to see an impedance plot. I would also similarly note that the 4 pin 3.5mm connector has causes compatibility issues with some devices (e.g. original FIIO E10) and cable adapters - since the volume control is incompatible with some of my device anyway, I would prefer if it was not included.
Edit: Revised the above on 2017-01-24 after several months since receiving them from the original drop since I see this drop is out again.
Oct 1, 2016
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