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Mar 19, 2018
Been using mine for about a week now, the orange model (not the ESD or X3). As @gak1234 said, you can get a compressor for the same price. I bought a Porter-Cable 6gal pancake compressor for under $90, and with a cheap accessory kit (easily <$15), you can get a LOT more pressure in a smaller (more focused) area. I doubt the feet-per-minute is as high, but the pounds-per-square-inch is much higher. However, as loud at the Hurricane is, my compressor is louder. And a lot heavier, as well. Both my compressor and gak1234's weigh about 30lbs. When I use my Hurricane at the office, I only annoy my coworkers within about 20 feet, and it's ready to go instantly. No time building pressure, no draining condensate, and no moisture/oil trap to buy and maintain.
If you can only afford one ~$100 air blowing tool, you'll get a lot more versatility out of a shop vac or compressor. However, if you don't need that versatility, or value portability more, the Hurricane definitely has its place.
Mar 19, 2018
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