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Mar 21, 2017
Just got mine from the last drop. Case was dented but probably shipped from Oakley to Massdrop that way. Hopefully Massdrop makes it right. "Made in China" is stamped on the ear stem but the fit and finish actually looks pretty good. These have a normal dark gray tint when looking through them and the normal Oakley iridium "mirror" look. Lens color varies on red so each will be a little different. These are NOT big head approved. I have a medium to large head (7.5?) and they're snug. There's no stress relief or spring hinges so a big head would be tight and eventually stretch the frames out. There's no "OAKLEY" engraving at the bottom of either lens. They used to do this to cut down on counterfeiting but maybe they stopped. FYI - polarized lenses also make viewing anything with an electronic display look a lot dimmer. Car radios, phones, laptops, and cars with heads-up displays suffer. Polarization is great for when you don't want reflections, like sports and boating.
Mar 21, 2017
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