OEM Tools 40–60k BTU Liquid Propane Heater
OEM Tools 40–60k BTU Liquid Propane Heater
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Product Description
There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your work area. Keep things nice and warm, even in the winter months, with this liquid propane heater from OEM Tools Read More

Nov 19, 2018
Is this.. a stationary flamethrower trap meant to ward off home intruders?
The OEMTOOLS™ 40-60K BTU Liquid Propane Heater is a portable and efficient heating solution for areas up to 1,250 square feet. This easy-to-use heater has an adjustable heating output that allows you to keep your work area comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. It features built-in overheating protection, adjustable angle base and piezo igniter for quick start up.
Nov 19, 2018
Is OEM tools a particularly high quality brand? This is the more expensive than walking down to my local Home Depot and buying a Dewalt/Dyna Glo/Pro Com etc. And if the HD one has an issue I just take it back to Home Depot...
A community member
May 7, 2019
Doesn't really answer the question of why this is more expensive than those other models. What makes it different, better, higher quality, etc.? Of course, there is THIS: https://www.amazon.com/OEMTOOLS-24822-40-60K-Liquid-Propane/dp/B07776DHQD

May 7, 2019
for these items, which you will likely have to do a warranty claim on, i'd recommend just buying it from a local store. It's just a space heater, nothing fancy in it.