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Apr 1, 2015
A beginner should start with a DV888. Its very controllable for a new user but will last through to advanced use as well as being very durable, easy to modify and cheap to replace. I've used One Drop (MarkMontNext, Dingo, Deitz), YoYoFactory (888, Mighty Flea 2, DV888), Yomega (Maverick), 3yo3 (Acryllion, Omnicron), Duncan (a variety of plastics), and one from a company in India I can't remember the name. The One Drops are my favorite in my collection to use but the one I take everywhere is the DV888. I started with Duncan yoyos in 3rd grade and moved to metals with bearings in 5th. Got the same DV888 I've been using for years in 6th, now I'm 17 and need to save for more practical things so this may or may not be a sale for me but I highly recommend it.
Apr 1, 2015
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