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Nov 25, 2015
Just writing to say how pleased I am with this watch. That domes sunburst dial and retro design make this watch look like a watch that costs many times more. The 8mm thickness makes it very comfortable to wear. I also bought the Seiko Cocktail watch here in a similar diameter but that is much thicker and therefore less comfortable and does not look at elegant as this watch.
I am not a fan of shiny painted straps. So, I will change to a high quality strap that may cost more than the watch itself but that does not matter as the watch itself cost so little and a good strap totally enhances the appearance of a watch.
I own many prestige brand mechanical watches but the reality is that keeping them wound is a nuisance - purists are sure to disagree with me on this, With the quartz movement you are confident the time is always correct.
Nov 25, 2015
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