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Nov 26, 2015
Thanks for the reply earlier. I have installed the trial, but my sound seems to be popping a lot. Looking at the Activity Monitor on my Mac, it doesn't seem to be caused by high CPU (55% idle) nor caused by high Memory (3.4GB of 4GB memory used). Also, every now and then, the sound would just stop, even after changing preset, I can't get it back without full restart of the app (interestingly, checking and unchecking the bypass would toggle sound on and off as you'd expect from bypassing the filters). Is there any logging that I can enable to see what's causing the problem?
Nov 26, 2015
Fong Audio
Nov 27, 2015
Hi AndyHuang, I think you might be hearing clipping.
The first thing to try is to lower the output volume from you media player app. You want your media player to use it's own, internal volume control. Then lower the media player's volume output until the clipping goes away. Depending on your system and your source files, you may have to lower it quite a bit.
If adjusting the volume of the media player app doesn't actually lower the volume, then it may not be using it's internal volume control. Alternately, you can use the Out Of Your Head Control Panel and lower the input volume sliders on the left. However, you will have to lower them different amounts for each speaker preset. Those volume levels are saved separately for each preset.
What DAC are you using? I am not sure why the playback would stop unless it's the 2 minute trial timer which will stop the playback every 2 minutes.
In the Out Of Your Head Control Panel, there are some diagnostic numbers in the lower left corner. Can you tell me what the numbers are after the audio stops unexpectedly? (The numbers will fluctuate and change quickly. But I want to know if those numbers start counting up higher and higher rather than stabilizing.)
If you are using a USB DAC, have you tried just using the built-in audio device just to see if playback stops using that device too?
Thanks, -Darin
Nov 27, 2015
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