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Dec 1, 2015
Hi Darin,
Two questions: 1) when/how will we get codes to unlock the software? I presume there will be a way of entering the code on your website to download the full version? 2) what's special about the game preset? is it lower latency or just a specific audio tuning?
Dec 1, 2015
Fong Audio
Dec 1, 2015
Hi sleepingjoker, Thanks for participating in our Drop. 1) You should get the license redemption codes in the next couple days. I will send the codes to Massdrop today and then they will distribute them. Usually the codes will be available in your Massdrop account under "Transactions".
In the meantime, please download and install the trial version. The trial version is the release version. The license redemption code will allow you to license the software and one preset of your choice and remove the 2 minute time limit on that preset.
You should try all the presets so you can decide which speaker preset you want to license.
Usually Massdrop will post instructions here on how to use your license redemption code. (Or you can search back to the previous Drop instructions in this discussion.)
2) In the latest version of Out Of Your Head, all the presets are low latency. The Gamer preset is no different than the other presets, just another speaker preset. However, the Gamer Preset license is available separately for $25 and does not require a full Out Of Your Head license. People can purchase the Gamer License only for $25. However, if they want to use license any of the other presets, they must purchase a full license for $149 that includes one additional preset.
I hope that makes sense.
Dec 1, 2015
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