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Apr 12, 2016
I am using Sennheiser HD-598se headphones and the Fostex HP-A4 amplifier.
Every time I reboot the program it sounds good but in a few minutes the static comes back. It seems to be in the Out of Your Head software.
Apr 12, 2016
Fong Audio
Apr 12, 2016
Hi hwy20,
Sorry you're having problems with Out Of Your Head.
You should make sure that on Windows machines you have the Windows Advanced Power settings set so that the MINIMUM CPU state is set to 100%. If it's left at default which can be as low as 5% on some laptops, that can cause glitches in the Out Of Your Head processed output.
What app are you using to play your media?
Please feel free to contact us directly via our website if you want help troubleshooting your system. We would need information/specs of your computer and your DAC, etc.
Apr 12, 2016
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