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Aug 5, 2014
Tried it out, it introduced an extreme amount of latency to the audio and didn't sound great either.
Using the AKG Q701 headphones, Win8 x64
Although I will say that it is better than the dolby surround I have on this computer which is something I never use except for the latency.
Aug 5, 2014
Fong Audio
Aug 5, 2014
Hi Doge, Thanks for trying out the software.
Yes, depending on the system, there can be around 450ms delay for the processing. Generally for most media player apps like JRiver, VLC, Cyberlink, Netflix, this is not a problem since those apps have audio/video sync adjustments. But yes, you will have to adjust to compensate for the amount of audio delay when watching video.
For audio only, of course, it's not an issue.
That is why the current version of Out Of Your Head is not suitable for gaming. We are working on a low latency gaming version, but that's a ways out.
As far as the sound goes, the sound is VERY different from what you are sued to hearing with just headphones. It can take some getting used to for your brain to figure out what you are supposed to be hearing. I often recommend that people sit in front of a pair of speakers even if they are not connected. This visual cue will help your brain believe that you are hearing sound coming from the speakers even if you are not actually.
You are also hearing the room interactions so you will hear wall reflections, etc. depending on the brightness of the room that was measured, which can sound like reverb. Again if your brain is not interpreting the sound of the room and the locations of the speakers, it can just sound weird.
Or it's possible it's just not to your tastes. That's why there's a trial.
Aug 5, 2014
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