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Aug 5, 2014
Speaking from a non-audiophile listener, I tried the trial version with some stuff I had (Regina Spektor both live set/albums, Beatles, Pavement, Oblivion Soundtrack, random movies off of Amazon) . Just went through the different presets. I definitely enjoyed what I heard when watching a movie; it made the movie more immersive. Listening to music was hit or miss based on the type. Sounded really nice on the soundtrack and the live(like you're literally in the theater or venue).. the others just sounded really muffled/not right(like the band was playing in a garage or I was listening to a mixtape ..I dunno). Overall, I liked it...I don't know which preset I like most or meshes with most of the things I'd use it for. Also...I was supposed to be curbing my spending habit >_<.
Aug 5, 2014
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