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Aug 6, 2014
I decided to use the trial version and I was pretty put off by what I heard. Totally wasn't accurate, none of the settings impressed me on headphones or speakers. It was also a pain to get it to stop working because the trial version broke my music player, which I couldn't get back to working without a full re install and would constantly interrupt playback in 2 minute intervals.
Who would honestly want to spend this much money on this sort of audiofool crap?
Aug 6, 2014
Fong Audio
Aug 6, 2014
Hi ageiger,
Thanks for trying out Out Of Your Head. I am sorry you didn't like it.
First, Out Of Your Head is a binaural process therefore it will not work with speakers. It requires the use of headphones.
Secondly, Out Of Your Head does not change or affect any other settings on any other applications. So I am not why your media player software was affected. Out Of Your Head does change the Windows default Sound Playback device. So it's possible your media player did not work again if you had Out Of Your Head selected as the default playback device, but Out Of Your Head is not running at the time.
However the trial version of Out Of Your Head will interrupt the sound output every 2 minutes in trial mode. This way you can try all the presets and determine which ones work the best for you. Once you purchase a license, then the two minute timer is disabled for the licensed preset. You can also switch presets before two minutes is up. This will prevent the timer from interrupting the playback. So the two minute timer is reset every time you switch to another preset.
Thank you again for trying Out Of Your Head and thank you for your feedback.
Aug 6, 2014
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