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Aug 6, 2014
I had the same experience as canuckavelli;
Samples on the massdrop page sounded pretty OK, but when I downloaded the software trial most things I tried didn't sound very good.
I've got a very high-end pair of cans - Aude'ze LCD-XC paired with a Violectric V200.
Most of the presets sounded very tinny, overemphasising the treble and making things sound harsh.
Bit disappointed :(
Aug 6, 2014
Fong Audio
Aug 6, 2014
Hi Bananafische,
I had another customer with a similar experience. They even came to a meet and listened to my demo system and said, "Wow, this sounds nothing like it did on my computer. This sounds great, but on my computer it sounded really tinny."
In the end, the user told me that he found that some audio recording or editing software he had installed was somehow also processing the sound from his sound card even though it was disabled. Once he uninstalled that software, the sound was much better.
I know you and most people know how to disable all the other headphone or audio effects that typically come installed with most computers. But I would still double check that all other effects/processing in both your Windows system and your media playback software are disabled. One possible test is to install VLC media player and use that. At least VLC does not seem to have any processing or effects enabled by default. That may not fix your problem, but it's a start.
It may also help to try to use WASAPI instead of direct sound. But that does require a trickier configuration since via WASAPI, the Out Of Your Head driver needs to be fed 24bit/48k audio only. You need a media player like JRiver that can convert bit rates in real-time.
You are more than welcome to contact me directly to troubleshoot further.
Thanks, -Darin
Aug 6, 2014
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