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Oct 24, 2014
Am I doing something wrong? The demos sounded okay, but when I downloaded the trail and played the same song (Money), it sounded... well, like I was in a metal storage unit or something. It did apply a bit of crossfeed, but it's just not worth the loss in quality.
Oct 24, 2014
Fong Audio
Oct 24, 2014
Thanks for downloading the trial.
First, the Pink Floyd Money track in the demo file is a 5.1 channel mix of that song. I am not sure if you ware also using the 5.1 surround mix of the song on your computer, but if you are listening to a 2 channel mix, then sound will only come from the front two (L & R) virtual speakers. (Oh yes, definitely do NOT play the pre-rendered audio samples with Out Of Your Head running! That would be double processing the audio and sound really bad.)
The sound signature from the Out Of Your Head software should sound very similar to the demo files posted on this drop (without Out Of Your Head running). If the frequency response is a lot different, then there is likely something wrong. Usually problems can occur when other audio enhancement or effect software is enabled. Many computers come with audio software that is enabled by default that can conflict with Out Of Your Head. Often it's not obvious that the other audio enhancements are turned on and can sometimes be hard to find how to disable them. I have had several customers who complained about "tinny" sound or too much reverberation only to find out that there was additional audio enhancements enabled on their systems.
One way to check is to enable the "bypass" mode from the Out Of Your Head Control Panel interface. In Bypass mode, the sound you hear through Out Of Your Head should sound exactly the same as the sound you hear without Out Of Your Head running. (On Windows, bypass mode is the last speaker preset in the list. On OS X, there is a dedicated "bypass" check box to enable bypass.) If you are in Out Of Your Head Bypass mode and you hear any kind of crossfeed, reverb, strange frequency response, etc. then there is some audio processing occurring outside of the Out Of Your Head software. Also while in bypass mode, you should be able to Exit Out Of Your Head and not hear any other audio effects.
If anyone is still having problems with the sound, please contact me directly at
Oct 24, 2014
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