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Oct 29, 2014
One of the most Promising DSP HRTF piece's of software in existence no doubt, but requires you to have to EQ each preset for it to sound correct on whatever particular phones you have. The more neutral and fast your headphone(electrostatic, or some AKG models) the better. This is not the fault of darin since every headphone encompasses a unique sound signature and focuses on different parts of the audio spectrum weather it be the highs, mids and lows.
I have already committed to the buy, but I do hope that darin one days add's an EQ profile to each preset(yes darin I am aware that you don't want to give your customers the illusion that by adding EQ presets for a few particular brands that people might misinterpret this as a sign that the dsp was made for only those phones, but something like adding the top 10 most common headphones used in the head-fi circle, AKA HD650's for instance would be welcomed . I mean Come on darin, the 650's are the baseline for anyone getting into head-fi audio plus they are used by a large majority of headphone users.
I find overall Genelec's are the best for the 650's, and music that was mixed and mastered thin, lifeless, and lacks bass and warmth can be brought to life with the Italian speaker preset. Ultimately there is no one preset that excels at all genres of music, the same apply's to real life speakers. Which is why I find darin's inclusion of having numerous presets from different speaker brands/room setups a unique concept.
By the way folks, garbage in garbage out. High fidelity audiophile recordings, in other words properly mastered albums sound best with "Out of Your Head" and mainstream, hotmastered/brickwalled albums are not pleasant(with hi-fi gear) with out having to resort to using replay-gain, or limiters. Probably this might start to sound complicated and go over some less than savvy people's head, but then again I would imagine darins demographic primarily is composed of knowledgeable head-fi people anyways. Keep in mind for those reading this, I have an expensive DAC, dedicated headphone amp and semi high end($500) headphones. The cheaper your audio setup, the more forgiving flaws in modern poorly mastered music are. I find for badly record music the Zen preset can help quite a bit since that speaker seems to be very colorful, warm and forgiving.
My fav presets with Sennheiser HD650(dark/vield and non fatiguing characteristics) are:_____ Genelec's Italian Speakers Sasha
Overall I find OFYH is the only DSP that comes close to actually recreating the sound of having real speakers with distinct characteristics in front of you that no other DSP has yet to achieve. Cross-feed dsp, Dolbyheadphone(horrible) can't even begin to touch what this does.
Also Darin has pointed out that in the future they are looking to get a version out for games(lower latency) which would be incredible, cause CMSS and DH for pc games wreaks the sound quality in exchange for immersion.
Oct 29, 2014
Fong Audio
Oct 29, 2014
Hi F1uke,
Thanks for the post. I really appreciate it. I am always happy when people "get it" or understand what I am trying to achieve.
Headphone EQ or even speakers for that matter is a big philosophical and technical discussion. But I don't think we have room here to take on that discussion.
Briefly, including an EQ into Out Of Your Head is in the works. I think it's helpful as long as it's done well.
I don't know if I would get more complaints about how this or that EQ curve makes their headphones sound worse. But they could always disable the EQ or apply their own EQ settings.
Oct 29, 2014
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