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Jul 7, 2018
I got this shell in the last drop they had for it that wasn't too long ago. This shell is quite worth it even at retail. At this price it's a steal. The last drop for it was actually 20 bucks more but I'm not even salty because it's so nice I wouldn't have wanted to wait to use it.
As for the sizing be careful. This is a trim fitted jacket so if you order true to size it will by fitted but not in a constricting way. I have a 38in chest and a 33in waist and it fits perfectly. I got the medium for reference. It lays nicely on the hips and I love the fit. Also there is plenty of room inside for 2-3 layers. I personally love it. It is also one of the coolest shells I have used. Took it out in the 85F wet morning and it felt cooler with the jacket on then with it off. I could rave about it all day to be honest. The zippers are quality, it's packable within one of the pockets, the hood is sweet but you might have issues with big helmets. I forgot to even mention it's waterproofing. Each seem is taped on the inside and I literally ran the arm of the jacket under a faucet on full blast for 10 mins on the same spot. Not even a hint of water started going through. Beyond all this one thing I will mention that some might find as a negative (I surely don't) is that it doesn't have pit zips.

TL DR - The jacket is a steal at 180 bucks. Buy it.

Also if you do have issues with sizing Massdrop won't help you but with this item in particular Outdoor Research has you covered. Shit their customer service alone makes the jacket worth it. Here is the post I made about people who want a different size after getting it from here.
I'm always hesitant to join clothing drops. What is massdrops policy regarding sizing issues? Do they exchange? Edit: Answer is no they won't but Outdoor Research will take these back if you need a sizing or color exchange. Here is the link to the info. Scroll down to the gift section at the bottom.
Jul 7, 2018
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