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Aug 9, 2016
I'm a big fan of Peak Designs products, use the Capture Pro clips and neck straps all the time. But am going to pass on this item. To me, access to controls is paramount--not just my aperture and speed, but ISO, WB, metering options, and all of the menus on my 5D III. I've successfully shot in the rain (during Hurricane Sandy even) with the $6-10 clear plastic covers out there; they allow for full and easy access to all (of the many) buttons on the 5D or 7D (or OMD EM5), all of which have pretty good water resistance as it is. The reviews I've read of this PD cover are that it's good for slipping on and off your camera while in the elements, but not so much for shooting in a steady rain. Also, surely Massdrop can offer us a better than 7% discount!!! (get me closer to the 40-50% margin on photo accessories and I'm in)
Aug 9, 2016
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