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Apr 24, 2014
Note that the product shipping date is an *estimate*, so Massdrop could be less sneaky and simply end the drop as planned and ship in 13 days. But extending the drop accordingly instead is good for us, because we get to edit our order options during those extra days (e.g. change color and/or quantity), and might get a lower price in case the lowest drop wasn't reached in time.
Although one thing that's dubious is if you only committed to the lowest drop and it wasn't reached in time but then they extend the time frame so you end up charged anyway. In most cases this will probably make you happy but in some cases maybe the time frame was a factor in your decision to commit rather than join. You entered an agreement to pay a sum of money if the last drop is reached in a specified time frame, and then they change the time frame after the fact. I think you can cancel your order if you email support, though, but maybe that needs to be made easier and more clear.
Perhaps any remaining committments should be put on hold when the time frame is extended, notifying the affected customers with instructions on how to re-new the committment (or upgrade it to Join) should they want to. It might be an inconvenience but it seems more fair and honest.
Apr 24, 2014
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