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Dec 1, 2014
Got mine a few hours ago, but the package was apparently already sitting in the post office 4 days ago. I'm amazed as to how fast I received this (~10 days) because usually it takes 3-4 weeks whenever I purchase anything from the US (I'm from PH which is almost halfway around the world since we're ~12 hours ahead of US).
What I can say about them is that they're light, and together with the big earcups resulting in it not touching any part of my ears, they are quite the comfortable pair to wear.
Though for me, you won't find any premium feeling in these cans. And rightfully so because they're pretty cheap. I estimate it to be about 85% made out of plastic, making them feel really hollow and cheap.
Then again, maybe that's not something that bothers you. The other headphone I own are the Parrot Ziks which are really solid feeling compared to these, but are ~5x more expensive.
Overall, I'm okay with them, but not that impressed. The reason I purchased them anyway was to have a feel for open back headphones.
EDIT: If you find the cable to be too long, you can actually braid it like this:
Dec 1, 2014
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