Drop + OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit V6
Drop + OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit V6
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The ortholinear 40% Planck mechanical keyboard is hailed for its unique layout—and the new version is even better. Laid out so that every key is within two units of your fingers on the home row, this compact keyboard minimizes finger travel Read More
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The New, More Powerful Planck

The ortholinear 40% Planck mechanical keyboard is hailed for its unique layout—and the new version is even better. Laid out so that every key is within two units of your fingers on the home row, this compact keyboard minimizes finger travel. The “raise” and “lower” space bar keys make it easy to access additional layers for extra functionality. For this round, the CNC aluminum case comes in six different colors, including the bold new red and yellow colorways. This version also has Kaihua hot-swappable switch sockets, so you can swap out your switches without ever picking up a soldering iron. What’s more, the new Planck has an upgraded ARM STM32 processor that provides more power to the PCB and USB-C connector—and it comes in two case styles.

Note: This is a preorder, and does not include switches. At checkout, you’ll have your choice of the Mid-Pro or Hi-Pro case in a variety of colors. You’ll also have the option to add the accompanying Acute Keycap Set (+ $25) and a carrying case (+ $8). See checkout options for more details.

Sturdy, Compatible Plate Design

Like the previous version, the new Planck comes with an MX plate (for MX switches and clones) which support 1 x 2u, 2 x 2u, and Grid layout. However, this version features Kaihua hotswap sockets, which support grid (2x1u), 1x2u, and 2x2u bottom row layouts. Made from 304 stainless steel, the plate is heavy and stable, with five holes for mounting the included M2 screws.

Strong Anodized Aluminum Case

On the old Planck, you could see the plate atop the milled aluminum body. For this version, we’ve tucked the plate into the case for a more streamlined look—one you can get two different ways, depending on your preference. The milled bottom is made from a single piece of aluminum with thick 3.1-millimeter walls. It’s anodized with a smooth finish in your choice of six colors. A hole near the USB port allows easy access to the reset button on the PCB. The kit has all the hardware you need to assemble the keyboard, plus four 3M rubber feet so it won’t slide around on your desktop.

Fully Programmable PCB

The matte black PCB features an ARM/STM32 chip and can be programmed however you like. It comes pre-programmed with the standard layout, but it also has a reset button to reprogram the keyboard. It’s compatible with Cherry MX and Matias/ALPS switch footprints, and all components of the board have been pre-soldered so the PCB is ready for key switches and LEDs. Plus, the hotswap sockets on this version allow for easy kit building when you assemble your board. (Please note that the Matias switches will need to be soldered onto the PCB. Only MX-style switches—Gateron, Kaihua, Cherry MX, etc.—will be able to use the Kaihua hot swap sockets.)

Beeps & Boops

Also notable, the PCB is outfitted with a small speaker, which is driven by the MCU. In the default firmware this will make a few different noises—like a short series of beeps on startup, notifications when you put the board into Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode, plus noises when you change the default layout to prevent mishaps when typing quickly. The speaker can be disabled by turning off the audio via a keycode or by flashing new firmware.

Case Options
Keycap Set Add-On
Build Guide Made by a Community Member
  • Designed by Jack Humbert (OLKB)
  • Produced by Drop
  • PCBA by OLKB
  • Anodized CNC aluminum case
  • Kaihua hotswap switch sockets
  • Reprogrammable Matias / MX-compatible PCBA
  • Steel plate (MX-compatible only)
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 3.2 x 1.3 in (23.4 x 8.1 x 3.3 cm)
  • Weight (assembled): 18 oz (510 g)
  • PCBA
  • Steel plate
  • Anodized CNC aluminum case
  • USB-A to C cable
  • PCBA-mounted stabilizers
  • 6x M2x14 mm Phillips flathead machine screws
  • 6x M2x3.5 mm brass spacers
  • 6x M2 nuts
  • 4x rubber bumpons
  • 1x socket wrench tool
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