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Aug 7, 2018
Magnet is weak, but improves if held together for a second or two. I haven't used their V3 cable, so no frame of reference for other small connectors... But comparing to MagSafe is apples and oranges (pardon the pun).
Strain relief and creating enough slack is also key for this cable. In the car I wrap the cable around the base of my phone holder to create enough slack that the magnet stays in place. Works great.
Also picked up a few USB-C to USB-A adapters online for versatility. And it does trigger the "Rapidly charging" notofication on my Pixel when using a USB-C port... So seems to be PD compliant. Charging through the USB-A adapter does not trigger the notification, so the adapters break compliance.
Overall happy with the purchase... It works for what I need it to do on my phone. Now I need more cables (no connectors) for convenience.
Aug 7, 2018
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