PlusSound Exo Bluetooth 5.0 IEM & Headphone Cables
PlusSound Exo Bluetooth 5.0 IEM & Headphone Cables
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Product Description
Have a favorite pair of headphones or IEMs that aren’t Bluetooth enabled? Bring them up to speed with an ultra-small Bluetooth 5.0 cable from PlusSound Read More
Bring Bluetooth 5.0 to Your Headphones

Have a favorite pair of headphones or IEMs that aren’t Bluetooth enabled? Bring them up to speed with an ultra-small Bluetooth 5.0 cable from PlusSound. Available here in the Exo Series line, with several connector and termination configurations, these cables are capable of turning any pair of IEMs or headphones into a Bluetooth 5.0 device. Each cable supports SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, and aptX-HD and comes with a module located on its right end for easy control. To optimize sound quality, PlusSound revamped the circuitry for this generation and used Sony’s audiophile-grade LDAC codec with up to 990 kbps for Hi-Res wireless performance. Connect up to three sources at one time, fast-charge via your computer with USB-C connectivity, and enjoy longer battery life than previous PlusSound models.

Note: At checkout, choose an Exo Series cable in one of several configurations.


Cable Construction

  • PlusSound
  • Exo Series: 4 custom-manufactured UPOCC stranded wires
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatible formats: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-LL, aptX-HD
  • 3 LEDs
  • LDAC (up to 990 kbps)
  • Charging: USB-C
  • USB DAC/amp functionality: Up to 24-bit / 96 kHz
  • Balanced output design 
  • UP-OCC wires
  • Hand-assembled in the USA

Compatibility List

  • 0.78mm / 2-Pin / CIEM: JH Audio, 1964 Ears/64 Audio, Ultimate Ears, Unique Melody, Earsonics, Kozee, Stage 93, Aurisonics (ASG-1.5, ASG-2.5), Heir Audio, Compact Monitors, Future Sonics, Gorilla, Alien Ears, Alclair, Dream Earz, Clear Tune Monitors, Frogbeats, Rhapsodio, Tralucent Audio, Spiral Ear, Vision Ears, Rooth, Noble Audio, InEar, Lear, Lime Ears, Rhines, CanalWorks, EarWerkz/Empire Ears, InEarz, Eartech Music, Advanced Ears, Cosmic Ears, Hidition, Cypher Labs, Stage93, iBasso, Oriolus, Asius Technologies, QDC, Westone (UM3RC, UM3X, W4R, ES Series, AC Series, UM2 Series), Audeze (iSine 10, iSine 20, LCD-4) *These 2-pin connectors will work on any CIEM with non-recessed (flush), recessed, and extruded sockets.
  • MMCX: Shure (SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535. SE846) Ultimate Ears (UE900), Westone (UM PRO 10, 20, 30, 50, W10, W20, W30, W40, W60, W80, ES50, ES30, ES20, ES10, AC20, AC10, S Series, Am Pro 10, Am Pro 20, Am Pro 30), Sensaphonics, Earsonics (S-EM9), Cosmic Ears, InEarZ, Audiofly (AF120, AF140, AF160, AF180), Fidue (A83), VSonic (VSD3S), Ultrasone (IQ), JVC (HA-FX850), Campfire Audio (Lyra, Orion, Jupiter, Nova, Andromeda, Lyra II, Dorado, Vega), Fender (DXA1, FXA2, FXA2, FXA5, FXA6, FXA7), Aurisonics (Harmony, Forte, Eva, Kicker), Onkyo(E900M), Oriveti (Primacy), HUM (Pristine), Trinity (Atlas), Earnine (EN2), MusicMaker (TK12s), ZhiYin (QT5), AKG (N40, K3003), Fostex (TE04), PLUSSOUND (Spectrum, Prism, Gamut)
  • 0.75mm: Ultimate Ears (Triple.Fi 10 Pro, 5 Pro, 3 Studio), Altec Lansing (UHP336), M-Audio (IE 10, IE 20XB, IE 30, IE 40), Nuforce (HEM2, HEM4, HEM6, HEM8)
  • Sennheiser: IE7, IE8, IE80, IE60
  • FitEar: MH-NH205, MH334, MH335DW, ToGo 334, Private 222, Private223, Private 333, Parterre, Fitear, Monet 17, Air, Aya, Fostex (TE100)
  • Audio-Technica: ATH-IM50, ATH-IM70, ATH-IM01, ATH-IM02, ATH-IM03, ATH-IM04
  • Sony: MDR-EX600, MDR-EX800, MDR-EX1000, MDR-7550
  • JH Audio: Siren/Performance (with and without adjusters)
  • Sennheiser: HD5XX (HD518/HD558/HD598, Momentum) HD6XX (HD580/HD600/HD650/HD660S) (Also compatible with: Fostex TH-900 MKII, TH610), HD700, HD800/HD800S (Also compatible with: EnigmAcoustics Dharma)
  • HIFIMAN (SMC): HE-5, HE-5LE, HE-6, HE-300, HE-400, HE-400i, HE-500, HE-560
  • Audeze: LCD (LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-4, LCD-X, LCD-XC, LCD2C, LCD-MX4) [Also compatible with ZMF (Blackwood, Vibro, Omni, Atticus, Eikon, Auteur) and Kennerton (Vali, Odin)], EL-8 (Open, Closed), Sine
  • MrSpeakers: Mad Dog, Mad Dog Pro, Alpha Dog, Alpha Prime, Ether, Ether C, Ether Flow, Ether C Flow, Aeon
  • Dual 2.5mm: Oppo (PM-1, PM-2), Sennheiser (HD700), HiFiMan (HE-350, HE-400i, HE-400 S, HE-560, HE-1000, Edition X, Edition S, Susvara, Sundara), Audioquest (Nighthawk, NightOwl)
  • Dual 3.5mm: Denon (AH-D600, AH-D7100, AH-D7200), Sony (MDR-Z7), Beyerdynamic (T1 2nd Gen, T5 2nd Gen), JVC (HA-SW01/Wood 1, HA-SW02/Wood 2), McIntosh (MHP1000), Final Audio Design (Pandora, Sonorous, Hope), Focal (Elear, Clear), Pioneer (SE-Monitor 5)
  • Focal (Utopia)

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