Practice Lock Mega Pack
Practice Lock Mega Pack
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This comprehensive lockpicking bundle is designed to help you work your way up from easy-to-pick locks all the way to the nearly impossible. Comprising seven different locks, including the EZ Rekey cutaway lock in SC and KW keyways, three different types of clear view locks, a 5-pinned mortise cylinder, and a 5-wafer cam lock cylinder, the kit has a wide variety of styles to help you master the art of lockpicking Read More

Jan 18, 2020
Clear locks are not practice locks. They are neat to use to see how the internals of a lock work, but that is it. A real lock will not be like these at all. If you truly want a practice lock to go somewhere like Their "7 Pin Ultimate Adversary Practice Lock" is half the price of this. I saw them on different YouTube channels and got one. I love it. It don't come with the other add-on things this does, but you can get better quality ones with the money you save. You get a 7 pin lock and a bag of springs, top pins, bottom pins, etc of all different types that are out there. You get to adjust the difficulty of your lock by only putting the pins in you want to figure out.
Sep 7, 2019
Cutaway locks≠practice locks
Jul 20, 2019
Looks like the the same EZrekey cut away locks that I've seen selling on Amazon for $45 or so each. 5 more locks in this drop, not at all a bad deal, might pull the trigger.
Sep 6, 2019
see my notes below on why this isn't a great deal. I note that your user name is very similar to the seller, is this an astroturf comment?
Jul 16, 2019
This is more Goofy than a Disney character
From the seller: This assortment is far more diverse than any of those on other sites partially because we've added our exclusive EZ Rekey locks to the group as well as a CPL-5 from Southord-Brockhage. Offering this note to offset misleading comments made by a prior poster.
Jul 16, 2019
Lets be honest here now that you've moved the goalposts and claimed my prior comments aren't accurate. The stand is about $60 retail if you shop around, which is $10-30 more than a more useful Panavise. The wafer and acrylic locks are $2-5 on aliexpress individually, but for $25 you can get 7 clear practice locks. The newly included SC and KW cutaway's are $20-45 on Amazon.* Similar locks are $10. The mortise core is <$10 on Amazon. *You don't need more than one to learn what you're going to learn from either. Yes, you should have locks of multiple keyways, but you don't need to see inside all of them - that doesn't give you real feed back for picking a normal lock. Yes, if you want these particular items (in the revised collection) its not a bad deal, it's maybe $6 off retail without sales, but this is not a good collection for someone starting out in locksport. For under $100 retail pricing anyone can get a better assortment of more locks, including all of these features, including a comically large set of beginners picks. I'm not the one being misleading. (updated with better pricing)
Jan 20, 2020
Thanks for saving me well over €150 ($175ish) not including import tax.
Jun 11, 2018
Just go to Walmart and grab some locks... cheaper.
Jan 5, 2018
comparable kits are $20 - $30 on ebay. seriously mass drop you should be ashamed about gouging folks like this.
Jan 5, 2018
this is way over priced
Jan 5, 2018
for real practice locks? or a small assortment of halfway decent clear locks?
for the latter search ebay or amazon for "clear practice lock set" and you'll find individual locks in the $5-7 range with assortments of 5-7 locks for $30 give or take.
if you want useful practice locks, buy the exact lock you want to work on, or ask a locksmith if they'll sell you some cores from their brass scrap bin. You may find some deals at architectural/builders "re-use" centers.
(I've been leading a monthly locksport group for 8 years now, those clear locks are OK for showing how the lock drives the mechanism, and to help visualize how a pick moves stuff, but anything that's a cutaway or plastic isn't useful for actual practice. I've picked up a couple of them (pun intentional) and they all seem to be the same factory and less useful for teaching that you'd think. They are good for pulling folks in who are walking past a mini locksport village demo table)
for a lock holder, look at a panavise junior with vacuum base or a grizzly D2482. either will hold well enough for almost every lock you'll ever own and either will set you back about $30
Oct 10, 2018
Perfect info, thank you! There are many nice practice "clear" sets on Amazon with the description you gave for ~$30 which will be fun for me and my child to try. I have plenty of extra practice real locks from over the years where it was easier to change the locks than to get a key back from a crazy ex... Thanks also for the panavise suggestion!
Jan 5, 2018
These locks are not a great kit, clear locks give terrible feedback to learn on, and others are barely bottom of the barrel. My advice is get into a locksport online community like on Reddit /r/Lockpicking and get some real locks in a better progression to challenge yourself.
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