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Feb 6, 2017
I have used this kit for over 2 years and I love it. I bring it with me when I go hikking for several days or simply camping.
It will make happy hikkers for whom cooking remains important even away in the bush. It will be a very good upgrade from your old pot. The simmer control is ok, also they could have fit the stove with a wireframe control valve... would have make it better for simmer control and ergonomy. The pot coating is fragile but if you use plstic cutlery it will remain intact, mine don't have a single scratch.
This kit is not for people looking for the lightest option and if you are looking for a water boiler, although this stove is very efficient, you'll find better and lighter option with Jetboil stoves.
You can fit a 100gr can + burner + a few more accessories or go for a 230gr that just fits in.
This 1L set (pot, lid, bowl ans windscreen) fits nicely in the Primus 1.6L ETA set (pot, lid, and bowl) which is very convinient if you are more than 1 or 2. However, the diameter of the stove is on the edge so the bottom of the 1.6L pot may have to sit straight onto the stove stands and the 1L pot windshield does not fit the 1.6L pot and Primus doesn't have a 1.6L wind shield: so the aluminium windshield sheet is then required.
The only issue I had is with the Piezo : it stopped working very quickly, returned the stove twice and eventually gave up. Unfortunately, the model without piezo don't have the small stand that hold the windshield in place... so you'll have to carry your dead piezo with you. But this should not stop you for getting one of them... but you wouldn't go camping without a lighter anyway, would you?
Feb 6, 2017
Apr 2, 2017
@Toma if you have a small Phillips screwdriver, it's pretty easy to remove the piezo.
Apr 2, 2017
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