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Jan 10, 2019
Ordered X-wing and Tie fighter on 12/11/2018, expected ship date originally showed 12/27/2018, actually delivered and received on 1/10/2019. These will be a gift to my nephew and his dad so I can't tell how they perform yet. This review isn't on the Propel product but rather on Massdrop experience: Long wait time with no updates, until the customer sends inquiry to the support, and even more extended wait time than foretold after that is 2/5 stars at best. Luckily I received exactly the two models that I ordered, but I already have seen how Massdrop deals with "the wrong item shipped" and I am appalled. Another customer received a different model, and has been told there's nothing they can do about it. Had it happened to me, this would not suffice and would make me cancel the whole thing and ask for a full refund right away. This could've happened to anyone including me is very misfortunate and the fact that support or customer care is practically none existent in such scenario will reflect extremely negative towards Massdrop: 0/5 stars. The fact is I could've got the same price deal with no sales tax from B&H Photos had I acted a little earlier or a bit later. I stuck with Massdrop this time but after experiencing such a delay and hearing of a such horror story of how Massdrop handles its mistake will definitely linger in my mind. I would not recommend Massdrop at this point at all, and I would think twice about using it in the future for myself. It would have to be an extremely good deal for me to take a chance in the future.
Jan 10, 2019
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