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Feb 25, 2019
So, first off, I didn't buy this through Amazon. But since I buy so much stuff from Amazon thought I'd put my review on here. This is soooo much fun! This is my 1st drone and I know it's not "professional ", I don't care, it's awesome! I'm a 64 year old star wars nerd, saw the original in '77. Now about the drone. The packaging alone is worth the price of admission. 6 star wars songs can play through speaker or earphones from the hand held remote. Lighted display case with music, battle mode, hand painted, 2 batteries, extra props, screws, and other accessories, training mode and 3 additional speeds you can fly at, auto take off and auto land. Fantastic. So, just started using today and didn't take to park so I could have 100' of grass around me, went into front yard. Learning to fly. Rashes into trees 4 times, house twice and roof once. Total damage, lost 1 propeller. Much sturdier than I thought. By the way you can't adjust the music until you sync the drone with the remote. Buy it, you'll like it!
Feb 25, 2019
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