Prynt Classic Instant iPhone Photo Printer
Prynt Classic Instant iPhone Photo Printer
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Turn your iPhone into an instant camera with the Prynt Case iPhone photo printer. Designed to attach directly to your iPhone’s Lightning port, the device works in conjunction with the Prynt app to print photos in seconds Read More

Aug 1, 2018
I agree with the quality being poor. I have couple of latest gen Canon Selphy CP1200 and one more previous gen for events that uses same technology. Prints are grainy, blurry, and colors are too warm even after post processing pictures taken with all L lenses (24-70 L F2.8 mkII, 70-200 L F2.8 mkII, 85mm L F1.2, 50mm L F1.2) with 5D mkIV. All regarded as best in canon line up for portrait. Prints are good enough to give out as memory sake, but not good enough as a usable print. Novelty item at best IMHO.
Aug 1, 2018
I had one of these ZINK printers years back. Total garbage. They were fun and handy, but the print quality was so bad, that I stopped using it after I ran out of paper. Just wasn't worth it. I doubt every much if the print quality has gotten much better in these past few years.
I have since replaced the old Zink printer (cant remember which brand it was, want to say Dell?) with a Fujifilm Instmax Share SP2 (about the same price as the printer above, these days, as the SP2 is an older model), and I couldn't be happier! The print quality is amazing and the software is aces! I'm sure the media is a bit more, but at least you know what youre getting into with actual film.
Instamax film is a little more expensive then Zink paper, currently you can get a 50 pack of Zink for around $25 whereas a 60 pack of instmax film will set you back about $37 bucks (or 20 for $12). but totally without question, worth it.
Aug 1, 2018
Where do you get more photo paper and what is the cost?
Aug 1, 2018
Up on this questions + Where do we get more ink?