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Aug 1, 2018
I had one of these ZINK printers years back. Total garbage. They were fun and handy, but the print quality was so bad, that I stopped using it after I ran out of paper. Just wasn't worth it. I doubt every much if the print quality has gotten much better in these past few years.
I have since replaced the old Zink printer (cant remember which brand it was, want to say Dell?) with a Fujifilm Instmax Share SP2 (about the same price as the printer above, these days, as the SP2 is an older model), and I couldn't be happier! The print quality is amazing and the software is aces! I'm sure the media is a bit more, but at least you know what youre getting into with actual film.
Instamax film is a little more expensive then Zink paper, currently you can get a 50 pack of Zink for around $25 whereas a 60 pack of instmax film will set you back about $37 bucks (or 20 for $12). but totally without question, worth it.
Aug 1, 2018
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