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Dec 30, 2014
QA360 is no slouch, keeping the price low, performance high. I seriously like that device. Also 901 needs to learn about how to be a durable and though from QA360 :happy_face1:
@shakur1996 Yup, I tested it with SE5way of course. The player is "slightly" on the bright side especially on on upper mids section. While I wouldn't call SE5way dark, it gives a little bit sparkle to it which is nice in my opinion. It has a lot of juice to drive it so don't worry about it either. I generally like the sound a lot, to be honest, if I had money I would actually order one. I believe it is pretty close to the TOTL daps league in terms of sound and as for the durability, build quality, UI it is definitely a keeper. So for around 500 bucks, I would call this a big win for QLS.
Dec 30, 2014
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