QuadraClicks RBT Rebel Real 1.112 Mouse
QuadraClicks RBT Rebel Real 1.112 Mouse
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Product Description
Ergonomic and easy to use, the QuadraClicks RBT Rebel Real 1.112 mouse helps eliminate straining and pressure caused by hours of clicking and scrolling. Built around the company’s Right ‘Bove Touch technology, it has a unique profile that elevates your fingers to reduce gripping force Read More

hello droppers, good news, we just received an evaluation from one of world's best carpal tunnel medical doctor, director: https://quadraclicks.com/blogs/word/dr-maik-zannakis-endorsing-rbt-mouse you can read the full review on the above link. If you purchased a RBT unit, would you be so kind to leave us a review/comment so more people can know about it?
warning: it's an 8 pages read, so will take about 20 minutes to go through

May 26, 2020
When's the white one coming out?
soon, not sure about the date though.
guys, find us on twitter.com/quadraclicks RBT - first mouse innovation that encourages natural hand position for openness, instead of clutch. Experience NOW the benefit of healing from Right 'Bove Touch ergonomics advantages! Endorsed by (link: http://Blender.org)
Blender.org, made for hardworking designers like yourself #b3d #blender

May 3, 2019
@QuadraClicks Hello, I just received it and for the moment I like it a lot BUT The sofware is... I can't set 255, 255, 255 in RGB input for have a led with a white light... It's laggy, the default color is flashy, "Scrol" instead of "Scroll" in Scroll speed section... Please update the color selector for allow white color... Thanks
May 5, 2019
Hello, hum by flashy I want to say, I find that the default color are verry aggressive ^^. I suspected that the software was not developed by you, if you have the source code, why not release it? I think I'll have to fool myself and use whireshark & usbpcap for reverse this crappy windows app ^^. I'll use it as my main mouse, try to play at a fps game with it, and I'll do a more complete review later because I find this mouse is nice to use. Thank you!
yes, feel free to break it apart however you see fit. Looking forward to hear back from you in a couple of weeks or sooner ;-)
hey, anyone received their rabbit yet? let me know what you think and if there are any challenges with the learning curve (':
doing another giveaway on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/ga/p/d6cd6d404857ad52 and wow, Massdrop's new interface is looking really spiffy!

hey guys, we're a bit behind with shipping due to logistics issues, it's been packed at my warehouse for over a week now. Sorry about the delay, hopefully we get things going soon.
What a joke of a company. You make unfounded health claims about your product, and now you can't even ship out the 8 mice you did sell on time? Why did Massdrop even waste their time with you?
Mar 25, 2019
The Fiat Multipla of mouse...

Mar 18, 2019
I feel it must be pointed out - this design has been pushed for several years and the company has been consistently condescending towards customers since the very beginning. This forum post from Overclock.Net shows this being discussed back in May of 2017, with the users there bringing up the same questions and issues that have been asked here. QuadraClicks was dismissive of concerns at that time as well. https://www.overclock.net/forum/375-mice/1629421-rbt-rebel-mouse-4.html (Second post, username Qeric) This Reddit thread shows more of the same, along with what appears to be a fake account created to promote the product. https://www.reddit.com/r/MouseReview/comments/9z0eg7/introducing_rbt_rebel_real/ Frankly, I wouldn't do business with a company that behaves itself like this, regardless of if their mouse is effective at reducing RSI.
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Jan 27, 2021