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Mar 30, 2018
So, at this point I am done with mass drop. I ordered this because it was supposed to be a great value for quilters. What I received was a paper piecing pattern, pins, the tiniest most useless scissors ever, thread, and a 10 count linen blend fat quarter bundle. In no way is this ever an “over $100 Value”. The fabric is useless, as there is not enough to make a quilt, and as a linen fabric it will not go with any other quilting cottons— you know the kind a quilted might expect to get — the thread is great, just not a color I usually choose, but at least usable, as stated before the scissors are useless. I have tiny hands, and I can only get two fingers in them— imagine doing any real cutting with that— the pins are fine, as is the pattern, but all in all I feel ripped off. Especially after waiting half of forever for shipping.
Mar 30, 2018
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