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Apr 12, 2018
My second mystery quilting box from Massdrop. Garden Path 13 FQ bundle, Tulsa pink 4 in microtip scissors, clover glass head pins, blueish gray nettled thread, and BJorn Bear Quilt pattern.
Not bad. Wish the fabric was more modern but I’m sure I’ll get a use out of it. Might turn them into kitchen towels or napkins. Thankfully the thread is a light enough color that I’ll actually be able to use it . Got what I paid for but definitely not over $100 worth. Wish I got the Karen K Buckley scissors though (either size). I’m not a Tulia pink hardware fan- my Cheap hardware far out preforms my Tulia hardware. 🤭

Might buy again. The first box was definitely worth far more even though I gifted about half of it. Just please mass drop you know you are opening it for a max of x number of boxes and you know you sell out. Start packing them before you open the drop. Two months before shipping plus another week in transit is a REALLY long time to wait for something that costs more then a couple dollars .
Apr 12, 2018
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