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May 4, 2018
Have one of these. Quite comfy, not as good as a Patagucci Cap 4 (thermal weight), probably not as warm either but doesn't smell after a few days.
Can't for the life of me find the matching pants (160 weight, can find the 120). And seems like neither can MD!!
Not sure where in the quiver these fit unfortunately, not quick drying enough for my tastes, a little itchy compared to icebreaker/smartwool/wooly, and not as warm as higher end full synthetics. Going to be testing it more heavily as winter kicks in around Aus, but doesn't look like it will replace my Cap thermals.
May 4, 2018
May 6, 2018
Yes the RAB 160 are not as warm as capilene 4 (thermal weight). Patagonia only does light, mid and thermal weight now. In my experience the Rab Merino compares with the Patagonia midweight baselayers. The RAB merino 160 layer is mixture of merino and synthetics. Pure synthetics like the Patagonia midweight or thermalweight start to smell after 3 days of daily wear and the merino's can be used for 5 to 6 days before the funky starts. Its helps if you let your day usage baselayers air during the night and use a second set in the night for sleeping. After one week switch the cycle. After 2 weeks find a way to wash.
The fitting is critical topic. If you are used the Patagonia sizing, you might need to size up. But the arms and legs on the RAB layer are very long. More a slim , athletic fit. The drying time is comparable and slightly better then other merino bayselayers i used. (Icebreaker OASis, Aldi Noname). I dont find it itchy at all but i only wear merino (boxer, socks, wool pants, shirt).
You can not compare the light to midweight merino baselayer with your "thermal weight capilene 4". I have 260 weight merino baselayer and this compares good with my thermal weight.
To summarize you compare a merino light/midweight with a synthetic heavy weight thermal for usage in cold condition. The thermal weight will always win there against the midweight merino. I dont get your comparision.
criteria - midweight merino - heavy weight symcthic thermal
warmth - moderate - very warm
smell - 5/7 days - 3 days
dry time - 3-6 hours - 2-4 hours
comfort - softer - can be irritating (carry backpack) - itchy for sensitive
durability - more fragile - less tendency to holes
fit - RAB athletic fit - american standard fit (L -> Asia XL)
If you look for a very warm heavy weight baselayer dont choose a rab merino 160+ or use extra insulation (arteryx proton, nano air). I have a 160+ hoody and the hood is pretty useless. You should get a half-zip and a beanie instead.
May 6, 2018
May 6, 2018
Helpful advice, thank you .
May 6, 2018
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