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Aug 28, 2015
Is anyone else having issues with the way your jeans fit? Mine don't fit. I actually measured straight across and they are tagged 32 and are actually 32s. I sent the customer service a picture of the measurements of the jeans. They are actually true to size. In my case, the posted sizing chart is not what I ordered. I have tried to get a hold of customer service and they won't return my email. It's going on day 3 with no response. My first email I sent them from the first CSR said I would be able to process a return if there was a problem. SO, there was a size problem. I emailed Massdrop a second time. The CSR basically said , you should have read the fine print.. all sales are final. I will follow up with my credit card company if I don't get a acceptable resolution.
I did research on Massdrop. Another guy who bought the same red cotton jeans two months prior also had fitment issues. Are we both screwed with jeans that we can't wear? BTW...The jeans are awesome looking. They would look even better if I was able to wear them.
Aug 28, 2015
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