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Jun 13, 2015
Got mine in today. Clear Glow, Blue/White/Gold. Red/White/Black. They seem to be very well made. No imperfections that jump out to me (did have a number that was "filled in" with something, but it popped out with a needle).
$20.00 Gave me 3 complete sets of pretty well made dice. If you compare it to the 19.00 I spent for 60 dice of 4 complete sets, you might think these were too high priced. However, the quality of these dice completely and utterly blow away that cheapo set. 3 Times the price, sure, but overall the quality is worth it.
EDIT: After looking closer at my D12s I notice that the 11s all have one or even more sides that are a bit shorter than all the other sides. For Dice that are 1 dollar apiece, I hoped for better QC. The consistency among all 3 of my sets shows that this is some sort of widespread manufacturing error. I am a bit upset about this, as none of my dice that I paid 25 cents each have this issue.
Jun 13, 2015
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