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Oct 20, 2019
I was looking to replace my Drop Studio AAA Brass flashlight that I lost at the airport a couple months back. After looking at the reviews, I decided this was the best balance of cost and quality. One thing I was hesitant about, however, is the tactile experience several reviewers were saying about the quality of the power button. Out of the package it has fine milling lines on the titanium button and possibly also on the housing. After a bit of sanding and buffing the crunchy, mushyness of the button was gone. Other than that fixable aspect, the flashlight is great. Brass body is beautiful, clip is sturdy, light quality of the LED is pleasantly balanced and puts out much more light than my AAA flashlight it's replacing. Also, I should say the lowest setting is perfect for when your spouse is sleeping and uses such a small amount of power if the flashlight gets left on its no big deal. Only thing I'd change is having knurling on it... I love knurling.
Oct 20, 2019
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