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Dec 15, 2014
This isn't the best pick. Leatherette is too stiff and A6 is too tall to keep one of these in the back pocket--I prefer the plastic covered Rhodia A7 books @ ~$4 each for that--and the A5 Webnotebooks @ ~$26 offer almost 15% more total writing space than two larger A6 Webnotebooks put together (8,712in^2 in the former vs 7,392in^2 in the latter). And why oh why did you photograph this picture sideways? Unless someone looks closely, they will mistake this for a sidebound Webnotebook. And I think lots of people are going to be surprised when they get these to see that they're size A6 because the main picture looks like A5 (unless you notice the orientation of the logo). My suggestions:
1) When presenting notebook drops, include the notebook's size and bound side in the title (like in this case, Rhodia Webnotepads, A6 Top-bound)
2) When a product implies a specific orientation--like this one, where the logo is clearly printed on the front cover in such a way as would encourage a person to orient the notebook binding-up--photograph the product in the proper orientation. You'll mislead people by turning it sideways, especially if you only photograph part of the product.
3) Research these products before you organize the drop. Did you know no seller between Amazon Marketplace and Goulet Pen sells any Webnotepads at all, and on the one American seller where I can find them (JetPens), there are no reviews at all ? Can you guess why? No one buys them! Rhodia makes excellent paper *for writing*, and folks who even like to write on top-bound notebooks are rather uncommon--let alone folks who like to write on itty bitty top-bound notebooks. Anyway, Rhodia makes *lots* of top-bound notebooks with cardboard binding that are way cheaper than these things. Top-bound notebooks are more about function than form, and the leatherette cover is so thick that it detracts from the most appealing characteristics of a top-bound notebook.
I rather suspect that the only thing this drop will bring you is some grumpy customers who are disappointed by what they find when they open the shipment.
Dec 15, 2014
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