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Apr 13, 2017
There doesn't seem to be much activity here since the last drop ended but let me just say that this may be one of my most favorite backpacks I've ever owned. for reference, I got a navy blue outside and orange interior with a matching dopp kit.
It's compact and unobtrusive when used regularly, and when filling up the roll part I can fit a ludicrous amount of stuff in it; definitely more than expected. Fabric loops are indispensable for clipping my keys and bike light to the bag when biking, plus I've clipped the matching dopp kit to the side loops with carabiners and was able to fly with it multiple times, fitting a week's worth of clothing in it (granted, it was very snug). Weight distribution is fantastic, definitely beats my old Chrome messenger bag by a long shot. Lastly, there is no question in my mind that the thing is an impenetrable fortress in terms of abrasion and water resistance; even in torrential downpour on my bike, the waterproof zippers and materials work flawlessly.
My only gripes are that I have to organize my things vertically, which can be difficult to get used to, and the front pocket is kind of diminutive. However, the size access zipper helps with taking specific things out of the bag quickly and easily without reorganizing everything.
Superb job, good on Rickshaw Bagworks for a quality product.
Apr 13, 2017
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