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Nov 11, 2019
I'm very happy with mine. Cosmetically the titanium weathering and reanodization on the handle doesn't look a whole lot like it did in the pics for the OD Green M3. It doesn't look bad, just there's a lot less anodization shining through, and the color's more blue than green. Maybe that's why Drop was able to give the discount? That seems to be a common theme with Drop -- if they're near market price it's probably good, if they're fifty bucks under, you might be buying a factory second. As a tool, after using mine a fair bit, I gotta say I think there's a lot of genius in this design. The flip is Mercedes door smooth and the ergonomics are as strong as a TOPS knife. I hear the people that are crackin' wise on the disk drive and the general lines of the knife, and I get it: with this sort of thing, people like what they like, and don't like what they don't, and lots of people aren't going to dig the handle. Mine ended up fitting my hand like a frickin' glove. The wave style opener is, if anything, an improvement on the original, and it flips using the flipper tab just as smoothly. I've bought a few knives on Drop, including some I've liked a great deal - and it's possible this, as a knife in the hand, is actually the best of the lot. I'm reasonably happy with my mokuti Orca but if I had to pick between the two I'd take the M3, which costs half what the Orca did. I have an Emerson that's even a bit bigger than this, and as much as I like that knife, I'd well and truly rather have this one and it's not all that hard of a call. The mirror blade -- when you wave it out of your pocket in the light, it has this habit of making nearby people flinch involuntarily. Something about that flashing mirror steel just grabs their medulla straightaway. I've had a few wave knives in my life, and this one's special.
Nov 11, 2019
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