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May 7, 2019
I've had a Sova for a year and a half, and have reached out to Roccat at least 3-4 times. As a product manager myself, the answers I've received from Roccat have made me thoroughly disappointed with the company. DROP needs to work with one of the trusted Chinese vendors to make a better version.
  1. Worst keyboard drivers I've ever seen (and I've tested all the big brands) - both buggy and kind of useless functionally (user config saved as binary, blocked from remapping anything but alphas, illumination settings limited - lowest setting still too bright for watching movies in the dark).
  2. The Sova is modular, but there are no first-party accessories, and no support channel on Roccat's side to get replacements for the parts that break or wear out - support points you in the direction of CAD files for 3D printing your own replacements (which I like in theory, but is a lot of effort in practice)
  3. keycaps are very low quality (multiple stems have cracked) and non-standard spacebar stabilizer spacing makes it outright incompatible with aftermarket keysets (even if you're willing to ignore the fact that you can't adjust the layout in the drivers to make more sense, and just hope you memorize the FN layer mappings)
May 7, 2019
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