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May 19, 2016
Let me answer some questions because I already have a pair of other earplugs but earplugs are REALLY important to preserve your hearing in concerts.
Yes, the whole point is they let sound through, while theoretically just lowering the volume level without actually changing the sound signature, so it doesn't sound muffled like with foam earplugs. If you're trying to block snoring, use regular foam earplugs.
Some info on earplugs:
One of the original popular concert earplugs was made by Etymotic, called the ER-20. These were rebranded by a lot of companies (such as Vater). You can look up a picture to see how common that model is. Then Etymotic released the ER-20-XS which these look like. The XS sound a bit better, but they are definitely a different earplug. Those are definitely good-sounding.
It is simply hit and miss for any other manufacturers earplugs, because unless they post a graph that shows smooth attenuation across the entire frequency range, we can't know for sure if they'll actually sound that good, apart from hearsay reports. However, the filter inside these, the way it looks, looks to be the same style of filter commonly used in IEMs to change their sound signature (the light grey foam).
I would only be concerned with sweat or rain getting on the surface of that foam, soaking it and muffling the earphone.
All in all it looks like a good bet, pick them up, but if you even occasionally visit concerts and understand the importance of keeping your ears young, get a pair of etymotic ER20XS as well.. Can be found for 20 on amazon.
These prices are totally insignificant for your ability to continue to hear high quality sound as you get older.
May 19, 2016
May 19, 2016
Phenomenal info. Thank you! Considering these just for the rad case.
May 19, 2016
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