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Nov 11, 2019
I have one of these with a Bosch driver and bits, with other associated tools like a small vise grip plier, a small crescent wrench, a collapsible magnet wand, box cutter, flashlight, charger, etc. Another one holds all my 18650 style lights, batteries (in cases) and chargers. If the power goes out they are readily at hand. Another one holds shoe polishing supplies. Horsehair brushes in fitted tins, dauber brushes, conditioners, saddle soap, cloths and cream and wax polishes and edge dressings. A piece of medium fine grit sandpaper for sole edges. There are categories of tool or task that lend themselves well to a bag such as this one. I have toolboxes with more space for general portable use but no need to lug one of those when what I need is a bit driver with its accessories. This bag is a great size for those common jobs with that common tool. Considering a couple more for other uses needing the same limited size, portability and protection of other tools and supplies for other common jobs. material is great, construction great and use is proving the bags good for the things I use them for. I’d buy them again and probably will.
Nov 11, 2019
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