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Jul 9, 2016
Just a heads up, I just got my new case today. Here are my quirks about it. If you can post pictures of the inside of your case, please do so, I would like to see if my case is the only one with these issues. ):
1) It doesn't have raised brass points like the MassDrop picture shows, so that's a bit misleading. It's a flat surface with holes drilled in and brass mounts placed inside. It may damage the diodes or anything sensitive or delicate under your PCB. If I'm wrong, please correct me on this!
2) It does not have a brass point in between G and H, like Kevin said it would.
3)The USB area is also messy. I'm a bit dissapointed. ):
Don't get me wrong, It's a beautiful case. Just dissapointed that the pictures are misleading, and that the vendor said it would have a clean USB cut out and a brass point between G and H, when it didn't. ):
Jul 9, 2016
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