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Dec 29, 2016
My Black Walnut case has just arrived, and I installed my POK3R plate and pcb into it. The screw holes in this case are simple metal sleeves that have been pushed into a drilled hole in the wood (excuse me if my terminology is wrong). There are six total places where screws can fit, and I was unable to use two. One on the top right wasn't glued into the wood securely so when I tried to fit a screw into it it started turning inside the wood. Another one on the bottom right was simply out of place, and there was no way that I could fit the screw through the hole in the pcb and into the case while also having all the other ones in. But, there are still four screws holding the keyboard together, and that's enough to keep it together just sitting on the desk. Although I don't see it being very portable, it works alright if it's just in one spot. Screw problems aside, the case itself looks very nice. I like that its edges come up to cover the keycaps, unlike the POK3R case's floating keycap design. The color of the wood is very nice as well, and I get a little bit of shading from light to dark on the back. It's a nice wood case. For the price though, I'm not sure this is the best case I could have gotten. I paid about $100 for it, and there were still defects in the screw holes. Since this was the first case I've gotten, I don't have much experience with other options, but I know that there are people who will handcraft personalized wood cases, and I'm sure there is a much lower tolerance if you go with that, plus a shorter wait time. Overall, I'm a little disappointed with the defects in my case, especially for the price, but otherwise I do enjoy it over the aluminum case that I had.
Dec 29, 2016
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