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Jul 13, 2015
Say bonjour to the bretons!
I'm very pleased to bring Saint James to Massdrop and offer an updated version of their Meridien that is not yet available in stores! Saint James is the OG company for this style of french clothing, and nobody does it better. The quality is unmatched and the style is legendary. Their Meridien breton is a classic, and the new updated fit does two great things; first, it improves the fit though the sides (less boxy) and it makes the boatneck less aggressive (I know some men that are uncomfortable with the intense neck shape on the Meriedien II).
Due to the pre-release nature of this drop, there is a wait time associated with this order, as we will submit this order straight to the factory in France when the drop ends (to help sweeten the deal, we're offering free international shipping). For those that are worried the seasonality of this garment, I wouldn't be too concerned. The carded cotton that these are made of is fairly heavy, and is much better suited for fall than summer in my opinion.
Now the real question - should I get marine/ecru or ecru/marine? I can't decide...
Jul 13, 2015
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