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Mar 24, 2019
Just received mine. First the amp needs to be on at all times and the ear seal is extremely important. But because the seal is four the outer ear canal (not inserted deep into the ear like other iems), they are very comfortable. The sound quality is quit good once you use the correct tip for a good seal. The sound is closer to an on ear then iem. I've only used them for a short time but wanted to get some information out there. I'm relatively small, 5" 7" but used the largest pair of tips where I'd normally use medium. And again the seal is very important from my experience. Again, sound very good. I have tin 2, Nobel universal, and ibasso iems and these hold up quit well. I haven't used the ambient sound setting so can't say about that yet. Cord is on the stiff side. They have good bass and treble once a good seal is attained. Surprisingly, a lot more pleased than I thought after initial try without amp on and using medium tips. Again good seal and amp on is required, but worth the effort.
Mar 24, 2019
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