Satchel & Page Leather Jackets
Satchel & Page Leather Jackets
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Anzial - Daniel from Satchel & Page here... Sorry to hear about this. All the linings are sewn into the pockets. We also use glue to reinforce on the Bomber to make sure the lining and layers of leather are stable when sewn so the sewing line is straight on the outside of the pockets. The glue is also used so the lining material lies flat and there aren't bumps in between the double stitching on the pocket. That's the standard construction process for pockets like the ones on our Bomber. When constructed correctly, the lining is secured by the thread, and you can't feel any glue from the other side of the stitch. The jackets are handmade. There is 1 cutter and 2 craftsman that make each jacket. There are over 200 steps in the process. Your jacket was literally one of the first 5 Bombers made (so we could get the jackets to Massdrop customers first), and I'm sorry to say that it sounds like we messed up the step of sewing the lining to the pocket. Probably the sewing line on top of the leather missed the lining material when being stitched. When doing our quality inspection, we missed it. I'm sorry you had to wait so long for your jacket. As you mentioned, we used top-notch materials in these jackets. The shearling wool we sourced from Spain was a special grade and we were about a month delayed in receiving it. On the calf leather we use, we were competing for limited supply of calf with some major brands that are much bigger than us. It would have been cheaper, quicker, and easier for us to source lamb, but we felt the calf was worth the extra wait. This was our first production run of making jackets. We've gotten great feedback so far. For less than $500 with the calf leather and shearling we are using, most people feel they got a steal. I'm very sorry there was an error in 1 step of construction with your's. But we will make it right for you and either fix your jacket or send you another jacket (and cover any related shipping costs). Can you please email me at so we can take care of this for you? If anyone else from this drop has any issues, we will also take care of you as we guarantee the quality of these jackets. Regards, -Daniel Satchel & Page