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Satchel & Page
Aug 19, 2014
Hey All - Daniel from Satchel & Page here. Whenever possible, we make our products using old school construction methods. For our bags and wallets, that means hand-stitching. For this journal, that also means hand-stitching using the long-stitching method. We chose this way because it's the most durable, and well...because we think it's beautiful. The journal is made with leather, paper, and waxed linen thread. That's it. We don't use any synthetic materials like elastic or velcro in any of our products. So, honestly, when it comes to refilling pages, it's not going to be as easy as journals made with cheap materials like elastic. It is possible to refill the journal, but it takes a little work. Here are the steps you would need to take: 1. Untie the thread 2. Buy legal sized paper in either a 65 - 80 lb weight. 3. Order the paper to be cut in half, and with 4 holes punched in: -.5 inch from top -.5 inch from bottom -2 inches from top -2 inches from bottom You can buy paper already cut in half and with holes punched in from this vendor: 4. Fill up the paper and retie the thread
Again, not as easy as a journal made with elastic/velcro, but we wanted to make a long-stitched journal with leather and waxed linen thread because they are beautiful and meant to be kept forever. I hope this clears it up. Thanks for all of your interest.
Aug 19, 2014
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